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Battery Cell Contamination Prevention 260

Battery Cell Contamination Prevention 260 This class summarizes the most common types of lithium-ion battery cell contamination, sources of contamination, and contamination prevention procedures.

Battery Management Systems Overview 250

Battery Management Systems Overview 250 This course provides users with an overview of the components and functions of a battery management system (BMS). Battery packs, such as those used in

Building a High-Performing Workforce: Unveiling Kubota's Award-Winning Training Strategies

Discover how Kubota is developing the future of manufacturing talent through innovative training programs.

Professional Communication Pitfalls 165

Professional Communication Pitfalls 165 This class demonstrates the complexity of workplace communications. Meaning derives not only from the words a speaker chooses, but also from the

SME Offers Electric Vehicle Battery Packaging and Assembly Certification to Prepare Workforce for Growing Industry Sector

SME, the nonprofit committed to accelerating manufacturing technology adoption and building North America's talent and capabilities, has expanded its educational content to serve the

Industry Recognized Electric Vehicle Certifications

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Introduction to Metal Manufacturing 180

Introduction to Metal Manufacturing 180 This class introduces users to the processes required to produce usable metal. Raw metal ore must first be extracted from the earth and then processed.

Customer-Focused Quality 155

Customer-Focused Quality 155 This class describes quality products and strategies manufacturers can use to ensure quality. Manufacturers work with customers to develop and deliver products that

Essentials of Communication 115

Essentials of Communication 115 This class explains core concepts behind effective workplace communication. Concepts covered include the importance of active listening and empathetic listening,