Manufacturing Training Solutions for Educators

Education is an investment in empowerment and a better future. Help the next-generation workforce get there. Prepare students and underserved populations for in-demand manufacturing jobs with competency-based, industry-driven curricula.

Build a qualified workforce pipeline

Manufacturing training

We work with nearly 1,000 educational institutions, state governments, and workforce entities to provide consistent, flexible, and customizable training. Aligned with industry standards and nationally recognized certifications, our programs, developed with manufacturing experts, are effective and easy to use. Free up more time for hands-on instruction and arm students with the critical knowledge and skills manufacturers need.

Prepare students and job seekers for careers in machining, welding, industrial maintenance, mechatronics, engineering, additive, robotics, smart manufacturing, and more. Complement your existing curriculum with our content to create a clear path for trainees to be productive quickly in high-demand manufacturing roles.

Advanced Manufacturing Training for High Schools

Use our competency-based, industry-driven programs for more hands-on instruction time and enable individualized education plans for students with different knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Industry-leading training from Tooling U-SME allows high school instructors to:

  • Allow more time for hands-on instruction
  • Prepare students for in-demand manufacturing jobs or continuing education, certifications, and degrees
  • Create a real-world learning environment
  • Enhance classroom training with work-based learning programs
  • Support dual enrollment programs

Community & Technical Colleges Plus Adult Education Centers

We partner with community and technical colleges to build capacity and provide workforce education to help close the manufacturing skills gap. Our training and development solutions can be integrated into your existing program to create a hybrid learning plan.

Industry-leading training from Tooling U-SME allows college instructors to:

  • Prepare students for in-demand manufacturing jobs
  • Provide the knowledge needed to test for certifications, certificates, digital badges, and other industry-recognized credentials
  • Offer training programs that work toward a degree
  • Create a real-world learning environment
  • Enhance classroom training with pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships that include structured Related Training Instruction (RTI)

Advanced Manufacturing Training for Universities

Today’s manufacturing and engineering careers require advanced skills, greater knowledge, and more flexibility than ever. Our competency-based training solutions can target specific manufacturing processes and technologies that meet the needs of leading employers, preparing students for jobs with potential for career growth.

Industry-leading training from Tooling U-SME allows university instructors to:

  • Enhance engineering or other degrees with industry-recognized specialized certifications
  • Focus on advanced manufacturing, innovation, and research
  • Prepare students for highly technical jobs
  • Create a real-world learning environment
Online Manufacturing Classes for

Effective Learning

Our content is developed with industry experts and designed for all learners, including high school, college, and university students, plus other adult learners. Interactive and engaging with multimedia components, our classes reinforce learning and development. Each class is approximately one hour, offering a great training option. As an educator, you can feel confident offering Tooling U-SME content to your students, knowing it's the same content used by leading manufacturers. Classes are accessible on laptops and an app for phones and tablets.

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Validate Knowledge with


Evaluate manufacturing technology, engineering, lean processes and practices, machining, welding, fabrication, maintenance, assembly, foundational skills, and much more using Tooling U-SME’s 50+ pre-developed assessments. Or, we’ll work with you to develop assessments based on your specific needs.

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Alignment to

Industry Certifications

Our content is aligned with industry-recognized credentials, including those from the American Welding Society (AWS); Manufacturing Skill Standards Council  (MSSC); Smart Automation Certification Alliance  (SACA);  Siemens; National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS); NOCTI; and SME’s Technical Certifications, including our Additive Manufacturing Certifications and Lean Certifications.

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Related Training Instruction for

Manufacturing Apprenticeships

Our Apprenticeship Frameworks are a series of predefined curricula for common job functions that provide related training instruction (RTI) using our online classes. Our frameworks align with nationally recognized Department of Labor apprenticeship programs. They are easily incorporated into your programs or used as a foundation for a new apprenticeship program. Our Pre-Apprenticeship programs provide students and incumbent workers with foundational skills and help them choose a career pathway of specialization, as well as meet the entry requirements for Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs).

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