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Overview of the Electric Vehicle Industry's Workforce Needs

SME's EV Certifications equip newcomers with essential knowledge to jumpstart careers in the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry.


As the electric vehicle (EV) industry undergoes rapid evolution, the significance of having a skilled workforce has become increasingly paramount. With an impressive count of nearly 20 million EVs navigating roads worldwide by the year 2022, the surge in demand for both electric vehicles and battery-operated devices is undeniable. In response to this escalating demand, SME has introduced the Electric Vehicles Fundamentals (EVF) Certification, a program designed to equip newcomers to the EV sector. This initiative caters to a diverse group, including high school and college students, veterans, and at-risk youth, positioning itself as a crucial building block for those desiring to make their mark in automotive assembly, production of electric vehicles, or refining their skills for the thriving EV market. 

Electric Vehicle Fundamentals Certification Program 

The EVF Certification is recognized nationally, serving as a testament to an individual's dedication and understanding of electric vehicle fundamentals. Successful candidates are awarded a digital badge upon passing the certification exam, which not only validates their knowledge but also enhances their professional visibility and competitiveness in the job market.  

Career Opportunities with EV Certifications 

Attaining the EV Fundamentals (EVF) Certification opens the door to numerous positions within the EV manufacturing industry, such as Assembly Technician, Production Associate, Team Assembler, Manufacturing Technician, Battery Pack Assembler, Quality Control Inspector, Electric Motor Assembler, and Maintenance Technician. These roles play a pivotal part in the production and assembly processes of electric vehicles, safeguarding the quality, efficiency, and safety of EVs and their components. This certification arms individuals with the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in these dynamic, technical positions in the EV sector.

SME's EVF Certification is a portal to a rewarding career within an industry leading the charge in technological and environmental innovation. As the EV market expands, the need for proficient professionals will continue to grow, presenting a timely opportunity to secure qualifications that distinguish you in the job market. Whether you are new to the field, transitioning from another sector, or seeking to enhance your skills, the EVF Certification offers the comprehensive groundwork needed for success in the electrified future of transportation.

The Battery Packaging and Assembly Certification opens several key job roles in the electric vehicle industry. With this specialized certification, individuals can pursue careers as Battery Assembly Technicians, who are responsible for the intricate assembly of battery components, and Battery Pack Assemblers, focused on putting together the battery packs that power electric vehicles. Quality Control Technicians ensure that battery components meet stringent standards, while Battery Packaging Operators handle the secure encasement of batteries for delivery and installation.

For complete information on the EV Certifications and enrollment details, interested individuals are encouraged to visit SME's EV official training page The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is rapidly transforming the automotive landscape, with the United States at the forefront of this exciting shift.

Comprehensive Curriculum 

Tooling U-SME's EV curriculum provides an accessible, short-term, and comprehensive training regime available online. It encompasses a variety of critical subjects necessary for a foundational understanding of the EV domain such as EV production and assembly, safety standards, quality assurance, robotics, electrical units, power sources and variables, and the management of battery components. The program is structured to be interactive and engaging, optimizing the learning experience, and can be completed in under a month. This efficiency makes it a perfect fit for preparing individuals keen on rapidly transitioning or advancing their careers within the burgeoning EV industry.

The curriculum of the EVF Certification is thorough, covering vital areas such as high-energy battery technology, lithium-ion battery safety, an introduction to electric mobility manufacturing, and a comprehensive look at electric vehicle components. It also addresses important safety protocols, including lockout/tagout procedures, handling hazardous materials, fire safety, and prevention, and incorporates lessons on lean manufacturing, quality management, and team leadership. This extensive curriculum ensures that participants learn the technical details of EV manufacturing and the critical importance of safety, quality, and teamwork in the workplace.

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