We work with the military, national laboratories, U.S. and state government agencies, correctional institutions, and more to develop people for in-demand jobs and build the pipeline of qualified workers.

Cutting-edge manufacturing is critical to the advancement of national defense and research and development, boosting the economy and supporting other government initiatives. The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving and adopting new technology, creating demand for a workforce with essential knowledge and skills. Short-term, competency-based training from Tooling U-SME helps develop skilled workers who can be placed into high-demand, high-growth jobs quickly and build a pipeline of qualified candidates.

Looking to find skilled individuals to develop innovative solutions? Working with our partners, we train the next-generation workforce in the essential skills needed for the most demanding challenges in manufacturing. And we connect you with them. Working toward critical goals, such as increased competitiveness, improving national employment opportunities, or enhancing national security? You need a highly skilled manufacturing workforce. We can help.

Flexible and Convenient

Online Classes

With nearly 600 online classes, we cover in-demand topics including Machining, Welding, Industrial Maintenance, Mechatronics, Engineering, Additive, Robotics, Smart Manufacturing and more. 

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Predefined Curricula

Training Packages

With a series of predefined online curriculum packages, create a learning road map and career path for new hires and your incumbent workforce.

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In-Person Training

Instructor-Led Classes

Training from instructors with vast experience in manufacturing incorporates hands-on learning with industrial-level training equipment for a real-world experience.

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Nationally Recognized Credentials


Validate knowledge and help your workforce get ahead with industry-recognized professional credentials.

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Measure Knowledge


Determine what individuals already know and what they need to learn so you can effectively train to fill knowledge gaps.

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Related Training Instruction

Apprenticeships and Pre-Apprenticeships

Pair on-the-job training with related training instruction (RTI) using Tooling U-SME online classes to provide guided learning paths for educators and industry.

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