Car Factory 3D Concept: Automated Robot Arm Assembly Line.

Industry Recognized Electric Vehicle Certifications

From new hires to more experienced employees, everyone benefits from the validated knowledge that comes from earning an industry-recognized professional credential.

Preparing the Workforce for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

​Tooling U-SME’s electrification-specific training and certification programs are designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the electrification market. Two nationally recognized certifications, Electric Vehicle Fundamentals (EVF) and Electric Vehicle Battery Packaging and Assembly (EVBPA) incorporate key learning objectives to prepare learners whether individuals have no background in Electric Vehicles (EV), or they have experience but need to tailor their knowledge to the EV market. Covering topics like automotive assembly, production for electric vehicles, lithium battery handling and safety, battery testing, recycling and disposal, and more are covered. The credential is ideal for high school and college students, dislocated workers, under-employed individuals, veterans, at-risk youth, and others who are seeking new employment in a new, fast-growing industry.

3D rendering EV car or electric vehicle plug-in with recharging station display with digital graphic interface.

Electric Vehicle Fundamentals

The EVF certification is a portal to a rewarding career within an industry leading the charge in technological and environmental innovation. As the EV market expands, the need for proficient professionals will continue to grow, presenting a timely opportunity to secure qualifications that distinguish you in the job market. Whether you are new to the field, transitioning from another sector, or seeking to enhance your skills, the EVF certification offers the groundwork needed for success in the electrified future of transportation.

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Robot assembly line with electric car battery cells module on the platform.

Electric Vehicle Battery Packaging and Assembly

Building upon the initial training and EVF certification, the EVBPA Certification focuses on the fundamentals of vehicles' lithium-ion battery packaging and assembly skills and pro a starting point for career pathways in the EV industry. With this specialized certification, individuals can pursue careers as Battery Assembly Technicians, Battery Pack Assemblers, Quality Control Technicians, and Battery Packaging.

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