Manufacturing Apprenticeships

Pair on-the-job training with related training instruction using Tooling U-SME online classes to provide guided learning paths.

Competency-Based Approach to Skills Development & Career Pathways

Registered apprenticeships are a proven form of training in manufacturing, with a long history of developing the workforce that has and will continue to make significant advancements in the industry. Combining on-the job training (OJT) with related training instruction (RTI) introduces trainees to critical concepts while providing real-world experience.

With online classes from Tooling U-SME, RTI is effective and engaging, providing the knowledge trainees need and employers demand.

Tooling U-SME's Apprenticeship Frameworks support nationally recognized Department of Labor apprenticeship programs and are easily incorporated and mapped into your existing programs or used as a foundation for a new apprenticeship program.

Our frameworks offer maximum flexibility: With a pre-defined curriculum, educators and employers have more time for one-on-one instruction and guidance. Yet the frameworks are also customizable, allowing for a selection of classes and topics that are specific to the employers’ needs.

One step before an apprenticeship, our Pre-Apprenticeship programs provide students and incumbent workers with foundational skills and help them choose a career pathway of specialization, as well as meet the entry requirements for Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs).

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