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SME Chief Workforce Development Officer Awarded 2023 ARM Institute Champion Award

SME Chief Workforce Development Officer, Jeannine Kunz, was recently presented the ARM Champion award by the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute.

Introduction to Metal Manufacturing 180

Introduction to Metal Manufacturing 180 This class introduces users to the processes required to produce usable metal. Raw metal ore must first be extracted from the earth and then processed.

Essentials of Communication 115

Essentials of Communication 115 This class explains core concepts behind effective workplace communication. Concepts covered include the importance of active listening and empathetic listening,

Introduction to Semiconductors 283

Introduction to Semiconductors 283 This class provides learners with a foundational knowledge of semiconductor materials and devices. Semiconductors have a unique atomic structure that gives them

Soldering Standards 140

Soldering Standards 140 This class provides an overview of the soldering standards that various organizations, such as the ISO, ASTM, and IPC, issue regarding soldering in different industries.

SME Convenes College Presidents and State Manufacturing Associations on the Manufacturing Imperative - Workforce Pipeline Challenge

SME, the national nonprofit committed to accelerating new manufacturing technology adoption and building North America’s manufacturing talent and capabilities, met with Presidents from each of