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  • 2023

Use OJT to Optimize Staff Resources

An upstate New York company with more than 550 employees provides power generators around the globe with a full-service, OEM alternative for services, parts and repairs for gas turbines, steam

Standardize Workforce Training

Constructed in 1985, the Virginia location of a global office and consumer products manufacturer had developed a reputation for innovative and efficient production methods, as well as a commitment

Improve Retention with Apprenticeships

Founded in 1916, Dixon Valve & Coupling Co. LLC is a family-owned company that has grown to become a leading global innovator in the hose coupling industry.

Training Battery Assemblers

Pull up to Detroit Diesel Corp. (DDC), re-branded a decade ago simply as “Detroit” when its product line expanded beyond engines to include trans-missions and axles.

Lean Smart Manufacturing 280

Lean Smart Manufacturing 280 This class introduces the basic concepts and technologies of lean smart manufacturing. It summarizes several key capabilities and benefits of smart technology,

Wire Harness Components 295

Wire Harness Components 295 This class provides an overview of the components that make up a wire harness. A wire harness is a pre-assembled collection of electrical wires that are organized

Cybersecurity Tools and Methods 205

Cybersecurity Tools and Methods 205 This class describes common tools for effective cybersecurity strategies in advanced manufacturing. By adopting smart manufacturing technology, worksites are

High Energy Batteries 325

High Energy Batteries 325 This class summarizes the main characteristics, applications, and components of high energy batteries. High energy rechargeable batteries are in high demand to power

Integrated Manufacturing Systems Operations 322

Integrated Manufacturing Systems Operations 322 This class introduces users to forward-thinking strategies for gradually implementing smart manufacturing by integrating manufacturing operations