As the Workforce Development Division of SME, our commitment to upskilling the manufacturing workforce is backed by a century of expertise and service to the industry and goes well beyond our training products.

By leveraging our industry knowledge and relationships with leading manufacturing, education, and workforce experts and organizations, we are able to develop a variety of resources covering industry challenges, best practices, and strategies for what's new and what's next.

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Why Lean Doesn’t Work

Failing to implement lean? Find out why and learn how to complete lean implementation.

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Tooling U-SME Debuts Immersive Virtual Labs at tuX

Virtual Labs immersive manufacturing training bridges the gap between learning and doing.

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Virtual Reality Training in Manufacturing

Discover more about virtual reality training in manufacturing, costs associated with implementation, how you can get started and much more.

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Improving Your Leadership Skills

Manufacturers increasingly want and need actionable advice to help them lead more effectively.

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Certification Introduces Basic Manufacturing Concepts

The need for entry-level workers in manufacturing has never been greater. Manufacturers, schools, and individuals are turning to this new entry-level training program and certification.

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Seven Tips for Working with Millennials and Gen Z

Accepting generational differences has been an important element of success for manufacturers.

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4 Ways to Successfully Train The New Generation Of Manufacturing

Manufacturers need to attract and retain millennials and members of Generation Z.

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The Best of SMX: Accelerating Workforce Performance

Learn about four key points manufacturers are utilizing to achieve workforce performance.

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Solving the Talent Challenge with Millennials and Gen Z

To attract younger generations to manufacturing careers —we first need to understand them.

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A Look Ahead: Technology Accelerates Manufacturing Process and Learning Process

An adaptable, innovative spirit has been the hallmark of manufacturing from the beginning.

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Milbank’s Training Earns Manufacturing Award

Milbank provides outstanding benchmarks for companies seeking to build a workforce strategy.

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How To Build A Workforce Development Program

Dixon created an apprenticeship program that, inspired a focus on workforce development.