Tooling U-SME Launches Electrification Training Category

September 22, 2023
  • Dave Ewers
    By Dave Ewers
    Director of Content Development
    Tooling U-SME

The markets for Electric Vehicles (EV) and battery-operated devices are booming. Rising consumer interest, new government policies, and buy-in from the auto industry are fueling growth and putting pressure on Electrification manufacturers in an already tight labor market. With the U.S. lagging behind both China and Europe in this sector, it is a national imperative that we prioritize workforce development for this growing industry. That’s why Tooling U-SME has launched a new Electrification training category with two new departments: Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Energy Storage, as well as a new EV Fundamentals professional certification.

Working with experts in manufacturing, education, instructional design, and the Electric Vehicle industry, we developed a Body of Knowledge that encompasses the technologies, job roles, competencies, and skills critical to the Electrification industry. Our training roadmap takes learners through broader manufacturing areas like Safety, Measurement, and Blueprint Reading, and then moves them through crucial topics in areas like Welding, Robotics, and Smart Manufacturing. Finally, we developed brand-new Electrification courses with key learning objectives to prepare learners for specific industry roles.

EV Manufacturing and Energy Storage

Our first new department, EV Manufacturing, includes courses that familiarize learners with different types of electric vehicles, including fully electric, hybrid, and fuel-cell vehicles, as well as different charging systems, with instruction on charging methods, levels, and connectors. Electric Vehicle Components are also covered, helping learners understand the physical structure of these new types of transport—as well as how EVs are connected to the Internet of Things and the advantages of that interconnectivity.

Energy Storage, our second new department under the Electrification category, focuses heavily on electricity, batteries, and safety. Learners gain an understanding of electrical units, power sources, power variables, batteries, and battery components, as well as battery management systems. Importantly, we prioritize safety in these classes due to the electrical, fire, and chemical considerations when working with batteries, including the emergency response measures corresponding to each risk.

We created these two new departments to address the specific industry knowledge and skills that Electrification requires and designed the new classes to dovetail with our existing training. With this flexibility, manufacturers, trainers, and educators may choose from among more than 600 classes in 40 departments, as well as experiential learning through our VR Labs and related Skills Guides, to build robust Electrification training programs that exactly meet their needs.

EV Fundamentals Certification

Likewise, our new EV Fundamentals Certification is designed to validate competency specific to Electric Vehicle production and assembly, as well as in relevant fundamental areas, such as safety, quality, measurement, blueprint reading, and robotics. This knowledge base will prepare new learners for a number of EV positions, including assembly and technician job roles, and will allow those with experience to validate their knowledge for new responsibilities along their EV career path.

At Tooling U-SME, we continually update our training offerings to keep pace with new methods and technological changes, so we are excited to add this new Electrification category to our learning library. Some of our new online classes have already been released, and several more training offerings will be coming out later this year and next. We are also looking forward to building new training partnerships with EV, electric battery, and energy storage manufacturers, as well as with community colleges and other educators dedicated to preparing the workforce for the rapidly expanding Electrification industry.

For more information, visit Electrification Training and fill out the form at the bottom of the page, or call us at 866.706.8665.

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