As the Workforce Development Division of SME, our commitment to upskilling the manufacturing workforce is backed by a century of expertise and service to the industry and goes well beyond our training products.

By leveraging our industry knowledge and relationships with leading manufacturing, education, and workforce experts and organizations, we are able to develop a variety of resources covering industry challenges, best practices, and strategies for what's new and what's next.

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Case Studies

Use OJT to Optimize Staff Resources

An upstate New York company with more than 550 employees provides power generators around the globe with a full-service, OEM alternative for services, parts and repairs for gas turbines, steam

Case Studies

Standardize Workforce Training

Constructed in 1985, the Virginia location of a global office and consumer products manufacturer had developed a reputation for innovative and efficient production methods, as well as a commitment

Case Studies

Retain Employees

This longtime manufacturer of windows and doors has been in business for more than 90 years.

Case Studies

Increase Innovation and Technology

"...for companies to compete successfully and grow, they often require customized training programs and apprenticeships to increase the skills of their current workforce."

Case Studies

Fill Jobs with Technology-Driven Approach

"Back in 2004, there was no T-1 connection... Now students are taking (Tooling U-SME) classes at home, on their smartphones, and on their tablets.”

Case Studies

Fill Jobs through Apprenticeships

The manufacturing industry is slowly filling the skills gap through advanced workforce education and training but there are still not enough people with the knowledge and skills needed to fill

Case Studies

Develop a Structured Training Program

An industrial and aerospace company that was founded in 1917, and now has thousands of employees worldwide, recognized that much of its workforce is near retirement — and that when those employees

Case Studies

Build Dedicated Workforce with Apprenticeships

A pioneer in the construction of innovative, high-quality machine tools, GROB was founded by Ernst Grob in 1926 in Munich, Germany.

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Manufacturer Reduces Scrap & Rework

Founded in 1974 in northwest Iowa as a tool and die shop, Rosenboom faced many challenges; business success fueled rapid growth which contributed to excessive scrap and rework resulting in

Case Studies

Apprenticeships Bridge Education & Industry

Throughout the U.S., manufacturers are struggling to find employees with the appropriate competencies to effectively fill skilled positions.

Case Studies

Improve Retention with Apprenticeships

Founded in 1916, Dixon Valve & Coupling Co. LLC is a family-owned company that has grown to become a leading global innovator in the hose coupling industry.

Case Studies

Is Manufacturing Ready for XR?

Consider how cell phones and the Internet redefined communication, education and entertainment, not to mention manufacturing.