As the Workforce Development Division of SME, our commitment to upskilling the manufacturing workforce is backed by a century of expertise and service to the industry and goes well beyond our training products.

By leveraging our industry knowledge and relationships with leading manufacturing, education, and workforce experts and organizations, we are able to develop a variety of resources covering industry challenges, best practices, and strategies for what's new and what's next.

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White Papers

A Vibrant Learning Culture Drives Success

Focusing on learning also leads to strong employee engagement and retention; added to ROI.

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5 Reasons Training Must Go Beyond Onboarding

Successful learning programs are continual, moving through all talent management processes.

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The True Cost Turnover

Significant turnover indicates a company is not focused on strategies to retain its employees.

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“Lean In” to Continuous Improvement

Lean methodology aims to deliver maximum value while minimizing waste.

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Mission Critical: Workforce 2021

A skills gap crisis is looming for the manufacturing industry. Is your company ready?

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Apprenticeships: Workforce Development Strategy

By establishing apprenticeship programs, employers can build a pipeline of skilled workers.

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Why You Need To Move To Competency-Based Education

Manufacturers are seeing results with a career-relevant approach: competency-based education.

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Using Business Approach to Develop Next Gen Workforce

Outlining the challenges facing high-school CTE programs related to CNC machining and welding.

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Industry Pulse

Manufacturers can no longer afford to ignore the skills gap.

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Building A Multigenerational Manufacturing Workforce

Cross-pollination of diverse thought, experience, and approach strengthens the workforce.

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How To Build A High-Performance Workforce

If you aspire to world-class status, a focus on workforce development can help you get there.

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Balancing Operations And Training

Manufacturers need training to move their organizations forward, meet demands, and grow.