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Building EV Training Infrastructure

Tooling U-SME drives EV industry workforce development through targeted training and certifications, addressing the sector's evolving needs and supporting technological advancements.

SME’s contribution 

Tooling U-SME is spearheading workforce development for the electric vehicle (EV) industry through comprehensive training and certification programs designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the sector. Through its detailed and strategically developed training programs, Tooling U-SME is spearheading and significantly contributing to the workforce development of the EV industry. By providing up-to-date, industry-relevant training and certifications, Tooling U-SME is not only enhancing the skills of individuals but also addressing the broader talent needs of the evolving EV sector, thereby supporting its growth and innovation.

This initiative is a response to the critical demand for skilled production and engineer professionals capable of supporting the growth and technological advancements in EV and battery manufacturing, highlighting Tooling U-SME's role as a key player in the electrification roadmap.

Strategic Approach to Workforce Development 

Tooling U-SME has adopted a multi-faceted approach to addressing workforce development challenges in the EV industry. This includes industry-based research to understand current and future skill requirements aligned with EV job roles, strategic content alignment through progressive skills-based frameworks, and labor market analysis to identify gaps and opportunities within the industry. Their methodology is underpinned by a combination of industry scans, production and assembly site visits, expert reviews, and an advisory council to ensure the relevance and efficacy of their training programs. 

EV and Battery Manufacturing Tracks 

The training programs are segmented into specialized tracks to cater to diverse aspects of EV and battery manufacturing: 

  1. Assembly Track: Focuses on production assembly, quality controls of vehicles, and includes electric vehicle fundamentals online training, virtual labs and quality and test technician certifications.  
  1. Energy Track: Concentrates on energy storage infrastructure, battery cell, assembly, installation, and testing. This track includes online training, virtual labs, and certifications.  

These tracks are designed to cover a wide array of fundamental and advanced topics, ranging from electric vehicle industry overview, electrical systems foundations, battery principles and safety, to manufacturing processes & safety requirements. 

Innovative Learning Products and Virtual Labs 

Tooling U-SME's offering includes 73 classes covering essential electrification topics like high energy batteries, lithium-ion battery handling & safety, robotics, additive manufacturing, and inspection and quality controls. They have also integrated virtual labs into their curriculum to provide immersive virtual reality training experiences. These labs are aimed at bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, covering areas such as lockout tagout procedures, fire safety, safety awareness, 5S and hand tool identification. 

Upcoming Initiatives 

Looking ahead, Tooling U-SME plans to expand its training offerings with courses focusing on battery cell and package assembly and quality control test technician roles. The battery assembly courses will encompass 30 comprehensive courses on topics such as battery standards/recycling and disposal, battery management system, battery failure mechanisms and stress factors, among others. These courses aim to provide a deep dive into the technical aspects of battery manufacturing, ensuring participants are well-equipped with the knowledge required for the industry. 

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