Design & Engineering

Root Cause Failure Analysis (915113) REL-270

Root cause failure analysis (RCFA) addresses a problem that has appeared in a previously stable environment. Although this technique is most often applied to a production environment, the principles also work in any non-manufacturing arena that has a sudden occurrence of a problem. This technique searches for the element of change (perhaps in a constantly changing environment) which allowed the system to go out of control and evidence the problem. RCFA relies on data to analyze the conditions that now allow the problem to be seen against the conditions when the problem was not apparent. Participants will learn when to perform a root cause failure analysis, the root cause failure analysis process and regulatory guidance, and concerns with respect to RCFA. Several root cause failure analysis techniques include stressing the use of change analysis, barrier analysis, and event and causal factor analysis. These techniques are demonstrated through practical exercises.

  • Difficulty Advanced

  • Format Instructor-Led

  • Language English


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  • Defining a problem in measurable terms
  • Taking temporary problem containment actions: why and when
  • Identifying root cause using provided tools and techniques
  • Examining the need and methods of verifying and validating the cause to the exclusion of other possibilities
  • Finding the root cause, or not
  • Taking appropriate corrective actions and assuring success
  • Applying lessons learned to system