Additive Manufacturing

Maintenance for FDM 321

This class introduces users to basic FDM maintenance strategies and procedures. It provides an overview of key elements in FDM maintenance processes, including networking, maintenance approaches, and key machine components. This class also provides general best practices for performing daily, weekly, and as-needed maintenance for FDM.

Improved safety and longer machine life are two of the many benefits of a well-executed maintenance routine. After taking this course, users will be able to describe best practices for FDM maintenance and their role in ensuring successful FDM machine operation.

  • Difficulty Advanced

  • Format Online

  • Number of Lessons 11

  • Language English


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Course Outline
  • Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Networking
  • Maintenances Approaches
  • Key Machine Components
  • Maintenance System Review
  • System Maintenance
  • Daily Maintenance
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • As-Needed Maintenance
  • Other Maintenance Considerations
  • Maintenance Review
  • Describe FDM machines and their maintenance needs.
  • Describe the importance of networking for FDM maintenance.
  • Describe common maintenance approaches for FDM.
  • Describe key machine components for FDM system maintenance.
  • Describe common system maintenance approaches to FDM.
  • Describe common daily maintenance approaches for FDM machines.
  • Describe weekly maintenance approaches for FDM machines.
  • Describe as-needed maintenance tasks for FDM machines.
  • Describe other maintenance considerations for FDM machines.