Simple, Effective eLearning Manufacturing Onboarding Checklist

April 13, 2023
  • John Hindman
    By John Hindman
    Director of Learning Services
    Tooling U-SME


While manufacturers realize they need to invest in their new hires by providing learning opportunities, they often they find it difficult to allocate the time, resources and expense needed to develop a structured onboarding plan and implement the training. This is where eLearning can help. Building a strong learning and development program can support you with onboarding, upskilling and keeping the right people in your organization. 

According to Tooling-U SME’s Industry Pulse: Manufacturing Workforce Study, 84% of manufacturers say their workforce challenge is onboarding new employees.1 

Onboarding makes a difference; it has a huge impact on retention and matters to employee engagement. When entry-level employees leave, their exit can indicate introductory programs such as onboarding and upskilling need to be strengthened. 

How Can You Create an Onboarding Program Using eLearning?

 A simple approach utilizing these best practices will help you achieve effective onboarding. 

  1. Set onboarding goals and business objectives
    A successful onboarding program must have the team buy-in on goals. The best way to do this is to demonstrate learning’s impact on the business. Tie your onboarding program to the bottom line.
  2. Personalize onboarding to employee roles
    Your eLearning onboarding can be personalized to employee roles. By utilizing pre-defined training packages mapped for job roles, you can make sure new employees cover material that is relevant to their position.
  3. Create quick wins by starting small
    Break up onboarding eLearning content into smaller units that new hires can digest over time. Identify some “quick win” topics based on the new hires’ unique needs. Which topic addresses the biggest skill gap in your organization? Start training there.
  4. Create an onboarding program with a flexible schedule
    Allow training to be delivered where and when it’s needed with on-demand eLearning. Online courses don’t have to be taken all at once, allowing employees to be more effectively integrated into your organization.
  5. Utilize eLearning to create a connection
    Online learning is far more engaging than just asking employees to read onboarding manuals. Online courses are a great way for new hires to be introduced to new skills in a way that feels personal and direct, but not intimidating.
  6. Assess progress to make sure you stay on track
    Monitor progress performance against your onboarding program goals and use assessments to measure knowledge over time. As in all aspects of manufacturing, continuous improvement plays an essential role in training. 

Start Now with eLearning 

Manufacturers need new hire training to move their organizations forward, improve quality, meet customer demands and grow. The challenge is that many feel that they can’t take their new hires out of production because they don’t have enough people. So, the problems get bigger, and the risks increase. 

This execution gap can cause paralysis within an organization. The big picture seems too daunting; nothing is done. It’s important to buck the status quo and get started. 

While the best approach is to create an overarching strategy for a sustainable, performance-driven learning program that inspires action, you don’t have to wait until everything is in place before acting. In tandem with the bigger plan, do something small to improve onboarding new hires. Then take another small step. These small wins will ultimately add up to more significant progress. 

Get started immediately with online classes and assessments developed with the help of industry experts. With nearly 600 online classes, virtual labs, instructor-led training, certifications, apprenticeships, consulting, and more, we have the tools to move manufacturing forward. Contact Tooling U-SME at 866.706.8665 or learn more about our classes. 

1Tooling U-SME Industry Pulse: Manufacturing Workforce Report
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