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May 07, 2018
  • Jeannine Kuntz
    By Jeannine Kunz
    Chief Workforce Development Officer
    Tooling U-SME

Developing-a-Lean-Program_740x454.jpgLean has long been associated with manufacturing, and in particular, the automotive industry. But since it was first introduced decades ago, industries of all types have begun to understand that the basic premises of lean — continuous improvement and delivering maximum value while minimizing waste — are beneficial in manufacturing and far beyond.

Embarking on a Journey to Lean

Recently, Tooling U-SME embarked on a new customer engagement to help a U.S. government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) develop a lean path for their organization. They had been implementing lean practices and were considering developing their own lean certification program, but did their due diligence in exploring Lean Certification offered through the Lean Certification Alliance, composed of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), the Shingo Institute and Tooling U-SME.

In a series of meetings and calls, we explored how their skills matrix aligned to the Lean Certification Competency and Behavior Model and Body of Knowledge. Ultimately, they determined that Lean Certification met their need and they would offer it to their employees.

While this particular customer came to us with a desire only for Lean Certification, successful lean journeys start with a comprehensive lean program that can change the mindset of how each employee thinks and acts, resulting in a true organizational culture change.

An Integrated Approach

Since lean has the potential to truly transform an organization when an entire workforce embraces lean practices and philosophies, we developed a custom program that included books, virtual review sessions, Instructor-Led Training sessions, assessments, and Lean Certification. This blended learning solution boosts employee engagement, increases knowledge retention, and is flexible for varying learning preferences.

The program has been well-received by the organization’s staff, with more than 40 employees already registered to prepare for and take the Lean Certification exam, and a possible second offering later in the year.

Lean for a Wide Audience

Regardless of the industry, incorporating lean practices throughout an organization can drive improvements in process and systems that increase productivity, sales and market share. From manufacturing to healthcare, aerospace to oil and gas, and even financial, lean can build a stronger, more competitive organization.

To learn more about the value of Lean and Lean certification, download a copy of our complimentary white paper, “Lean In to Continuous Improvement.”

Reach out to us at 866.706.8665 to get started on a lean journey.

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