As the Workforce Development Division of SME, our commitment to upskilling the manufacturing workforce is backed by a century of expertise and service to the industry and goes well beyond our training products.

By leveraging our industry knowledge and relationships with leading manufacturing, education, and workforce experts and organizations, we are able to develop a variety of resources covering industry challenges, best practices, and strategies for what's new and what's next.

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The Importance of GD&T and ASME Y14.5-2018 in Modern Manufacturing

Discover the critical role of (GD&T) and ASME Y14.5-2018 guidelines in modern manufacturing. Learn how you can upskill your workforce for ultimate precision and efficiency.

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How Education Is Transforming to Meet Industry Needs

Join us for Workforce Day at SOUTHTEC to hear from top-performing manufacturers, educators, and workforce experts about programs that are ready to meet your staffing needs.

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Training for Success: Breaking Down Barriers to Employment

Underrepresented populations given new opportunities to have a meaningful career in manufacturing

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Inspiring Workforce Development Takeaways From FABTECH

Nearly 40,000 people gathered at FABTECH in 2023 and workforce development took center stage. Read on to feel the momentum this event created and to learn about the actionable takeaways industry

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Tooling U-SME Launches Electrification Training Category

EV Manufacturing and Energy Storage departments address critical industry training needs.

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Internal Development Cultivates Success with Intek Plastics

Best Training Practices From Our 2023 Excellence in Manufacturing Training Award Winner.

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New LMS Updates

Check out the new design of our new Learning Management System.

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Unlocking Post-Prison Workforce Potential

Incarcerated individuals given second chance by workforce and training program.

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CNC Machining Training: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn about the history of CNC machines, the different kinds of CNC machines, the benefits, most common applications and how to access training for your workforce.

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Blog Posts

Learning Program Implementation Best Practices

Our Client Success Team has experience working with more than 5,000 organizations and you can leverage these best practices for a successful learning program rollout.

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5 Ways to Set Up Training with Limited Budget and Time

5 ways to create a strong learning culture with limited budget and time