Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Introduction to Digital Enterprise Strategy 251

Introduction to Digital Enterprise Strategy 251 guides users through developing a comprehensive plan to update their manufacturing businesses to Industry 4.0 technologies. Such smart technologies include automatic identification, wearable devices, computer-aided design, additive manufacturing, and artificial intelligence, each of which can revolutionize manufacturing processes. In deciding to implement new technologies, manufacturers must consider financial metrics such as return on investment and total cost of ownership. They must also prepare for personnel challenges, supply chain changes, and new computing needs, such as cloud computing.

After completing this class, users will understand the benefits of a clear digital enterprise strategy to plan and manage the technology investments of a competitive, up-to-date manufacturing business.

  • Difficulty Intermediate

  • Format Online

  • Number of Lessons 10

  • Language English


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Course Outline
  • The Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0
  • Smart Manufacturing Technologies
  • Data Storage and Maintenance
  • Digital Thread and Digital Twin
  • Review: Industry 4.0 Technologies
  • Digital Enterprise Strategy
  • Financial Benefits of Digital Enterprise Strategy
  • Digital Enterprise Personnel Challenges
  • Digital Enterprise Strategy Outcomes
  • Review: Implementing Digital Enterprise Strategy
  • Describe the IIoT and Industry 4.0.
  • Describe smart manufacturing technologies.
  • Describe necessary considerations for data storage and maintenance.
  • Describe digital thread and digital twin.
  • Describe how to develop a digital enterprise strategy.
  • Identify key financial benefits of implementing a digital enterprise strategy.
  • Identify personnel challenges of digital enterprise strategy adoption.
  • Identify major changes associated with digital enterprise strategy.