Supervisor Essentials

Frontline Leadership (916116)

Effective supervision and management requires a critical balance among technical competency, business acumen, communication effectiveness, customer relations and interpersonal skill. The Leadership role is more challenging today than ever before. The transition from excellent performer to competent Frontline Leader or Supervisor can be difficult, and it demands a new set of skills. Newly appointed supervisors must be able to position themselves as Frontline Leader in order to gain respect from others. The demands for higher quality and performance are increasing; the workplace is growing more complex. In the face of such challenges, Frontline Leader have to be effective if they are to help people invest the best of their minds, hearts and hands into their work � if the work is to be done well. This program includes: case studies, video, discussions, individual exercises, role plays, and group work.

  • Difficulty Beginner

  • Format Instructor-Led

  • Language English


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  • Participants acquire realistic job-related skills to reinforce a performance customer driven environment in which employees continually achieve standards of excellence, meet company productivity levels, and deliver quality products and services.
  • Participants come away with a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities as supervisors and/or team leads, and how their approach to leading others directly affects outcomes.